OK, now I am celebrating something else today: I just successfully installed and used the emoji plug-in, in about 30 seconds no less, woo hoo! Yay, me! 

This is cause for celebration because ever since I started this WordPress website endeavor I have been baffled by its bullshit. I mean, I consider myself a fairly bright girl. I’m no techno whiz but I’m not a total dunce either (or maybe I am??). I created a website for another project using Wix in no time with minimal headache. I went with WordPress for this site under the nearly unequivocal advisement of reliable writing resources, including Jane Friedman who has serious publishing street cred and an amazingly helpful website of her own. And everywhere I looked I saw “how easy WordPress is,” “Wordpress in a Week,” “Wordpress in a Day,” “Wordpress in 10 minutes!” So no brainer, right? Eeeenh! Maybe for a straight up blog. Write post, click Publish. Done. But a lovely, fun, organic website that I’ve been dreaming about for some time now? It wasn’t long before I realized, Yeah, I’m going to need some serious fucking help with this. And I found it, too, in the Orange Snowman, my website designer. I found him through Google, loved his site, clicked with him the first time we met, and now it’s a beauty if I say so myself, don’t you think? BUT. But but but- I’m not even doing the hard stuff (thank you, OS!) and it’s still fucking hard! None of it comes intuitively to me, tutorials often fall short, and even when I think I’m getting something…nope, doesn’t work. I really just don’t get it.

I long for WordPress 101 in a traditional classroom setting where I thrive as a student. But anything I can find is online. I’m trying those. I’m reading manuals. I’m trying to be patient. I’m waiting for it all to click (no pun intended). I know I’ll get better over time. In the meantime, I’m quite sure OS has become annoyed with me, and I am approaching the whole WordPress thing like Jerry and Elaine with the Soup Nazi, afraid one day I’m going to log in, click or unclick the wrong thing or ask a last straw question and get a blaring banner or something from WP: “NO MORE WEBSITE FOR YOU!”

So there you have it, my first rant.

Anyone out there with me or, seriously, is it just me?!


PS- For the love of god, please know that I am not putting gay rights and emoticons or Nazis and anything or anyone in the same category. They are merely incidental illustrations.

PPS- Yes, I know I didn’t capitalize god. Good tip for this blog or any of my writing- I capitalize God when I’m talking about the entity. I use lowercase god when I use it in a figure of speech. I’m sure that’s a whole other discussion (so feel free to comment, but please, holy rollers and atheists and everyone in between, hard as it is, let’s try our best to be respectful of each other).