September 19,2015

I’m still reading Rock, Meet Window and How To Raise An Adult, but when I got my copy of Finding The Rainbow by Rachel McGrath in the mail, I had to jump right into it.

Finding the Rainbow is Rachel’s story of recurrent miscarriage and her ongoing reproductive journey. I read it in two nights, and while I hated what she has been through, I loved her book. Her voice is vibrant, honest, and hopeful. I completely related with so many aspects of pregnancy loss that she discussed- the recurrent grief, the obsessive, all-consuming thoughts, the brutal swings between excitement and devastation, how lost she felt when she wasn’t able to control having a baby, the appreciation of compassionate care givers and astonished disgust of apathetic, negligent ones. Through it all, you hear Rachel’s love of her husband and her life, and her unyielding belief that she will find her rainbow. Rachel has known unbearable sorrow, but Finding The Rainbow is a story of strength and hope.

I’m looking forward to Rachel’s next book (and I hope it’s titled, Found The Rainbow!).