September 24, 2015

Last night members of the wonderful Facebook group Beat Infertility I belong to did a candle remembrance honoring the struggles and losses we’ve had. Here is my post:

A three wick candle in front of a lime tree we planted for our three babies lost between 10 and 12 weeks, “about the size of a lime.”

3 wick candle miscarriage card


I added this today:

Lime Tree

I was so touched by the candle remembrance last night. For everyone who saw my picture with our lime tree and is having a crappy day, week, month, or year, I thought I’d share a little more about the tree and hope it brings feelings of hope.

We planted the tree in our backyard after our first miscarriage in 2004. Here is a picture of how small it was. Within one year, that little trooper survived 3 hurricanes that basically destroyed the entire rest of our yard. Then it got some mysterious tree disease but my husband cut it back and somehow nursed it back to health. Since then it still has a bit of a funny shape, but it’s as tall as me now, and gets LOADED with limes that I now pick with my son and daughter and make limeade that we share with our neighbors and friends. It is beautiful and bittersweet every time.

I cried at that tree so many times for so many years. I still cry at it sometimes, and now the tears are happy ones too.

Thinking of all of you and pulling for all your tears to be happy ones SOON! 


PS- Thank you to my niece, Ashlynn for helping me with the picture, and always, Facebook!