October 22, 2015

And while I’m on The Mets…

Without doubt, NLCS MVP Daniel Murphy has been a MONSTER in the postseason, like seriously hard to even believe, setting an MLB record of homering in 6 straight postseason games. And he really seems like a good guy who is trying to be a good guy. But every time he’s at bat, every time he makes a play, all I hear is him trying to rationalize homophobia by saying that Christians “love the people, just not the lifestyle,” as he did last spring regarding Billy Beane (who totally took the high road on that one). For starters, sexuality is not a lifestyle. And now we have to listen to “what a blessing,” this has been, “what a blessing” that has been, and how he’s just going to keep praying in the next six days till the World Series.

Dude, fucking separation of church and baseball. Please! It’s bad enough I have to watch players make the sign of the cross every time they cross the plate or strike out the side in the regular season. It’s bad enough I can’t even get through a lot of post game interviews without feeling like I’ve been forced to go to church. News flash: God has NOTHING to do with baseball. Is God a Mets (or insert 29 other teams here) fan? Does God deem you more worthy of blessing than the pitcher who just hung one over the plate? Is God even showing up to games when there are starving children in the world? Cause, personally, I’d be fucking pissed if that were true. (I know, “God is everywhere.”)

Daniel Murphy and the rest of the baseball world, be happy. Be grateful. Pray all you want; it’s your lifestyle. But can you just find a few other sound bites besides what a blessing it all is? I love baseball, and I’ll keep loving it no matter what. And I try not to sweat the small stuff, but bracing myself for a sermon every time a baseball player is in front of a mic is fucking grating.