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September 12, 2014

The old saying goes, The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Giancarlo Stanton is very big, and when he went down last night after being hit in the face by a pitch, it was hard on everyone.

It was hard on fans. For those of us who watch the Marlins play every night, it felt like a member of our own family was on the ground motionless and bleeding. 

Get well card and pictures sent from little fans to Big G. Giancarlo Stanton

Get well card and pictures sent from little fans to Big G.

It was hard on Rich and Tommy, who not only had to call it but try to fill in the blanks when all anyone could want to do was put their head in their hands and hope Giancarlo was okay.

It was hard on Giancarlo’s father and aunt who were both at the game and were quickly ushered to his side.

It was hard on Giancarlo’s teammates, who were visibly stricken. It looked like Christian Yelich didn’t know whether to throw up or cry.

It was hard on Mike Fiers, the Milwaukee Brewers pitcher who hit Giancarlo. He was obviously devastated, and his own manager didn’t have the good sense to relieve him. His next pitch hit Reed Johnson on the hand (this was also hard on Tommy’s blood pressure).

I assume it was hard on the umpires who called Giancarlo’s protective lean a strike, the pitch to Johnson a strike, and so grossly mishandled such an emotional inning that both benches ended up clearing, the entire scene and rest of the game just sickening and sour.

It was hard on Casey McGehee, who was ejected when he argued the Johnson call, and Anthony DeSclafani, the Marlins relief pitcher who had to come in and bean Carlos Gomez in retaliation and was immediately tossed.

Mostly, of course, this is hard on Giancarlo, whose fantastic season we can only assume has come to a horrific end, and to whom we are sending the very best of wishes for a full and speedy recovery, and a big comeback indeed.