February 27, 2016



This is a great article by David Sable, a retired Reproductive Endocrinologist turned investor, economist, and Forbes Magazine contributor. If he’s trying to make things better for us while he’s getting rich off it, more power to him, and I love his no-bullshit style.

What I love about this article is that it acknowledges that mandated insurance coverage for fertility treatment, while a worthy, justified goal I will always advocate for, is not really the answer. Decreasing the cost of treatment in the first place is.

I would add that this is the same answer to the healthcare crisis in general. For all of the griping about the Affordable Care Act, it has actually done a fairly decent job of what it was intended to do, which is get more people insured. But it has done nothing to control the outrageous, downright despicable cost of medical treatment in the first place, so insured people, including me, are still being crushed by premiums, deductibles, and out of pocket costs.

I am one of the patients Dr. Sable’s article addresses who refinanced our home to pay for IVF. I don’t want my daughter to be another one; I don’t want anyone to be another one. In addition to mandated insurance and increasing employer coverage, Dr. Sable soundly suggests data and technology as mechanisms for decreasing the cost of fertility treatment, especially IVF. We need to be shouting this from the fucking rooftops.