May 3, 2016

Eye of the Storm: The Silent Grief of Miscarriage by Rachel McGrath

This is a short but intense missive by the author of Finding The Rainbow, both books deeply painful, yet honest and hopeful accounts of her experience of miscarriage and relentless pursuit of motherhood.

In Eye of the Storm, the author writes candidly about so many aspects of miscarriage and multiple miscarriage: the unbearable anxiety waiting for an ultrasound; the instant of knowing from the look on the tech’s face; waking each morning only to remember again that you’re no longer pregnant; being expected to carry on normally, when you feel anything but normal; the terror of future pregnancies, to name just a few.

Miscarriage is a life crisis, one that is often misunderstood and suffered in isolation and silence. This book is not only the author’s attempt to release some of her own pain, but a reaching out to others so that they may feel less alone. For anyone suffering the devastation of miscarriage, this kind of understanding and connection is a gift.

The author’s strength and resilience are inspiring, and her voice is lovely; I highly recommend this book.