May 8, 2016


For anyone struggling today, whatever it is, go ahead and feel it. It most certainly is your day too.

Despair: Another Mother’s Day without a baby.
Heartache: I should be a mother by now.
Grief: My baby would be *this* old now.
Hurt: I am a mother too; my lost baby(ies) count.
Primal: I just want a baaaaaaby!
Jealousy: Why them and not me?
Anger: Fuck this stupid Hallmark holiday.
Fear: Am I ever going to open a Mother’s Day card and macaroni necklace?
Anxiety: How am I going to smile through brunch?
Depression: Mother’s Day isn’t pink, it’s black.
Coping: Pass the Ben and Jerry’s. And the wine. Get under the covers. Not necessarily in that order.
Hopeless: I can’t do this anymore.
Resilience: I survived last Mother’s Day.
Strength: I am tougher than any holiday.
Perseverance: Chumbawumba or Rocky Theme, take your pick.
Determination: I will be a mother.
Belief: I AM a mother.
Hope: I am one Mother’s Day closer.
Whatever: It takes.