May 8, 2016


I love MLB, and I love all the pink on Mother’s Day, I do. But I also hope that when my son talks about his mom’s involvement in his baseball life, in addition to “bringing the snacks and making sure his uniform was washed” (which she delegated to him at age 9 in order to facilitate raising a competent adult), he also mentions things like she bought his first tee, hung a picture of Derek Jeter in the “kitchen outfield” for two years, took a proud picture of his first batted broken window, coached his first team, walked him over to get autographs and talk to the big leaguers at spring training in Jupiter, got on TV with neon poster signs and ran the bases with him in Miami, road tripped to various games including on his birthday and Jeter’s last Tampa game, watched games together every night, and when he was about to cry when he blew it on the little league mound, looked him in the eyes from behind the fence and quietly said, “That’s done. Next batter,” and he struck out the next three batters. You know, those things.

I know I’m not the only baseball mom like that. And clean uniforms and snacks are important. But come on, Big Leaguers, when they ask you on Mother’s Day to talk about how your mom impacted your baseball life, dig deeper.

I still love ya.
Go Marlins!