May 26, 2016


Omg, this is HUGE! HUGE!!! I didn’t even know something like this was in the works! Student loan debt has been absolutely paralyzing in my life, and that of so many others. Income Based Repayment (caps monthly payments at 10-15% of income; Wayne and I had been paying 60%, yes, 60%) literally saved us, but I have still never understood the discrimination in not being able to re-finance student loans like EVERYTHING else. People are not trying to default on student loans, they’re trying NOT to, for god’s sake. 13248382_598818826947281_6911018622631296617_o

Student loan debt makes more than buying a house impossible. It can make having a family impossible. There were a couple of years we paid $26,000 in INTEREST ALONE on our student loans, on top of thousands of dollars for health insurance that covered NONE of the medical treatment we needed to have a baby. IVF cycles for our genetic issue started at almost $20,000. That’s one cycle, no guarantee of a baby, and indeed our first was not successful. All these mountains and mountains of expenses, while grieving miscarried babies and trying to start a chiropractic practice and a life. I couldn’t see my way out, and those were the darkest days of my life. All because I went to college to become a “doctor,” and health insurance companies deem infertility unworthy?

Wayne and I busted our asses, never gave up, and now have a beautiful family, home, and a relatively successful, if frustrating, practice. But our scars remain, and we will be paying things off forever. No one deserves this just to have a family and home. And for any trolls out there bashing us as entitled or whatever else, you just come find me in Stuart, FL and say it to my face or just go ahead and fuck the hell off right now, because you have no clue. None.

Everyone has shit. Let’s all be in it together to make things better for ALL OF US. If and when the time comes that you can support changes in student loan and/or health insurance policies, please, cast your vote, sign the petition, whatever. It’s good for families, it’s good for business, it’s good for communities, it’s good for YOU, it’s good for ALL OF US.


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