August 17, 2016


Well, it didn’t exactly, because I am not a Chase Utley fan– I say Utley the way Jerry Seinfeld says Newman. But, last night in his first game back in Philly since being traded to the Dodgers, Utley received a 90 second ovation before his first at bat, then hit two home runs including a grand slam, for which he got two more curtain calls. Pretty nuts. Like I said, it’s hard for me to get excited about Utley (Newman!), but I just love baseball, and Philly fans better be inspired to get out there and do something great today! (Even though they lost!)


(PS- Ichiro too got a crazy ovation his first game back in Seattle after he went to the Yankees, but he would never let it go on for 90 seconds. Just sayin, even though I love myself an ovation and baseball emotion.)