November 27, 2016


Reading, Writing, and Reproductive Support and Empowerment are what I’ve always been about here, and that hasn’t changed. A few of my guiding principles have, however, and if you’re interested, you can read more fully about that here. The CliffsNotes version is this:

I am a writer. I am an advocate for fertility/ reproductive issues. These are not mutually exclusive; now more than ever, quite the opposite.

I’ve never considered myself very “political,” but the line between reproductive rights and politics, already blurred, has now largely been erased. Same for human rights.

This has taught me a few things about myself:


I’m a flaming liberal, and proud of it.

I’m a feminist, and a very Nasty Woman.

I am a mother who is hell-bent on making sure that my kids grow up and contribute to a world in which it doesn’t matter if people love men or women, or have white or black or any other color skin, or live in a big house or small, or run in the Olympics or use a wheelchair to get from room to room.

My desire to be a voice for women is also a social responsibility. And women’s rights are human rights, and human rights are women’s rights.

Can we respect different beliefs here? That depends. To me, respecting different beliefs means respecting if or how people worship, if they favor capitalism or increased government regulation, if they’re vegetarians or eat meat, if they send their kids to private or public school, or home-school them, if they root for the Yankees or Mets. It means respecting if people want to have children or not, respecting if they do so naturally, through Assisted Reproductive Technology, adoption, or any other means or combination, if they feel more comfortable birthing in a hospital or at home, if they breast feed or use formula.

Beliefs of misogyny, racism, discrimination, and homophobia will not be respected here, because they are not respectable, nor debated, because they’re not debatable.

Seems kind of obvious, right? I thought so, too, but apparently not, and anyone who comes to this fire with that kerosene will be as happy to be done with me as I am with them.  

My fire is for love. All kinds of it. Shitloads of it. I hope you’re with me!