December 4, 2016

Finished:  Two Eggs, Two Kids by Alicia Young


Few gifts can compare to donating eggs to a person or couple struggling to have a baby. Journalist/Author Alicia Young gave that gift to two friends, and in this book, has given another gift to anyone looking for insight and information regarding egg donation, including a personal account.

The author makes clear that the book is primarily from her personal experience and perspective, and her story illustrates how vastly donations can differ. In one case, her egg donation and subsequent baby were discussed openly, and there are sections written by that recipient, as well as her now-teen daughter, which offer additional valuable viewpoints. The other donation, also resulting in a baby, was kept quiet by the recipient, with whom the author is no longer in contact. The stark contrast invites potential donors to consider the great many issues involved in egg donation.

Also included are questions and checklists for those considering being a donor, as well as those considering using a donor, both of which entail an enormous amount of thought and emotion.

Two Eggs, Two Kids is a lovely, heartfelt story, and a highly readable resource.