January 9, 2017

Anyone thinking about or doing IVF faces incredibly complex decisions at every single step. “How many should we transfer?” is just one, and this new study, indicating that there is a better chance for success transferring one embryo than two, is fascinating and has huge practical implications. I encourage anyone doing IVF to read this, dig further into the study, and discuss with your doctor(s). And keep plugging. IVF works! Click here to read.


Some additional comments based on FB comments. All good discussion! Knowledge is power!

I think a lot of doctors do stress to transfer only one, mine did, and that was ten years ago. But I think a lot of times it was to reduce the risk of multiples, whereas this gives specific info about the efficacy of one versus two. And even where doctors felt you have as much chance with one as two (again, mine did), this indicates WHY, which is the part I find fascinating (there the body goes being amazing again, even when it’s driving us crazy). And some doctors def do still support transferring more than one. I am fine with everyone making their own decisions based on their own scenarios, but I think this is going to be a much more solid thing to lean on clinically in the face of emotionally wanting to do two so badly. I think it will help turn “Fuck it, we have a better chance with two, I can handle/welcome twins!” into “Wow, we actually have a better chance with one.” Then it’s minus the risks of multiples as well, bc they shouldn’t be underestimated, win-win. (For BT sisters, of course, all of this is sometimes moot with BT when we’re lucky to get even one, although people now batch with the better freezing/thawing technology.) In any case, it’s all research, it’s all progress, it’s all good for more options, more hope, woo hoo! Yes, the implant lingo is weird, I thought maybe it’s a British thing, and then transfer is used as well. Rock on, sisters! xoxo