January 20, 2017

My Marching Socks

Why I March:

Because Infertility and Pregnancy Loss Matter.

Because Infertility and Pregnancy Loss Rights are Reproductive Rights.


And also, in no particular order:


Because Donald Trump is vile and grossly unqualified to be president.

Because, at his own doing, there is no gray area regarding Donald Trump; one is either with him or against him, and I am against him.

Because I have wondered how “good” people could be so complicit in evil since I read Night by Eli Wiesel in 10th grade, and I will not be complicit.

Because I have always wondered if I would have spoken out against slavery and against racism during the civil rights movement of the 60s, and women’s rights movement in the early 1900s, and now I know damn fucking straight I would have.

Because of Sarah Grimke, whom I learned about in The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd.

Because in elementary school I wrote a report on Susan B. Anthony.

Because I wrote a college paper on Planned Parenthood that my professor asked to keep on file for future reference.

Because of books.

Because I support and am grateful for the writing community, including She Writes Press, a champion of women’s voices.

Because of Hillary Rodham Clinton, and how she was SHAFTED in this freak show of an election, along with the nearly 66 million of us who voted for her.

Because the electoral college utterly failed us, and put the nail in my coffin of disillusionment.

Because I am half in love with Michelle Obama.

Because President Obama and his family make me feel proud.

Because Donald Trump is an embarrassment.

Because I have always been and will always be pro-choice.

Because everyone deserves fair, affordable access to have children, or not to.

Because I have been traumatized by pregnancy loss and fertility treatment, and these issues deserve a voice.

Because it cost me $90,000 dollars to have my two children, despite having expensive medical insurance.

Because the reproductive system is discriminated against.

Because of sexism.

Because of misogyny.

Because I have a daughter.

Because I have a son.

Because I’ve had to explain to my daughter and son that the bully won.

Because pussy-grabbing is disgusting and unacceptable, and bragging about it is disgusting and despicable.

Because my mother is a strong woman who raised three strong daughters, and I am raising a strong daughter.

Because motherfucking girl power.

Because I support and am so grateful for RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association, and the entire infertility and pregnancy loss community.

Because I support and am so grateful for the Beat Infertility and Beat(en) Infertility groups, created by Heather Huhman.

Because many of my infertility sisters are in survival mode, so I will be their voice right now.

Because when I was in survival mode, people like Risa Levine and Angela Bergmann and Lisa Rosenthal were my voice before I ever knew them or that they were doing it.

Because marching is empowering.

Because I support Planned Parenthood.

Because I support the LGBT community.

Because Black Lives Matter, which does not mean that blue/all/whatever lives don’t matter, for god’s sake.

Because I think walls and religious registries are appalling and anti-American.

Because Pharmaceutical CEOs can openly admit they are in business for profit and shareholders, not sick people, and get away with it.

Because insurance companies have us by the balls.

Because the US healthcare system is a disgrace.

Because the US healthcare system has raped me as a consumer and fucked me over as a provider.

Because trying to fix US healthcare system is like trying to, as Steven Brill stated in America’s Bitter Pill, “put toothpaste back in the tube.”

Because so many people who are against “socialized medicine” are on Medicare, which is socialized medicine, and I’m tired of explaining it to deaf ears.

Because the million/billionaires of the new administration want to dismantle The Affordable Care Act primarily out of greed and spite.

Because many people don’t even know that The Affordable Care Act and Obamacare are the same fucking thing.

Because people need to know that Medicare is one of the few, if not only, thing that puts any kind of limit on healthcare fees, and that privatizing it will make the rich richer and decimate people hanging on to middle class by a thread.

Because cutting Medicaid is just plain a scumbag move.

Because I fucking HATE guns.

Because I don’t hate people based on skin color or love preferences.

Because I love Love.

Because I don’t mind helping people who need it, or accepting help when I do.

Because I am a proud liberal.

Because being stronger together is not an opinion but an irrefutable fact of being human.

Because Make America Great Again is the slogan of a con man, liar, and cheat, who somehow managed to fool people into believing he’s a good businessman, and every time I see it on a bumper sticker, I have to settle for tossing a dirty look instead of smashing it with a bat.

Because America is not a business.

Because I revile every single thing Donald Trump and his cabinet picks are and stand for, or have I said that already?

Because I have a masters in clinical psychology and worked in acute mental health settings for 15 years and recognize that Donald Trump is a walking criteria checklist for Borderline and Antisocial Personality Disorders.

Because you don’t need any sort of degree to recognize that Donald Trump is not fit to be president.

Because deep down in one fraction of one tiny cell in my body that I’ve never before admitted to, I feel sorry for Donald Trump because I know mental illness is brutally painful and difficult to live with, but every one of the rest of my cells shudder in revulsion at the sound or sight of him or his name.

Because Donald Trump doesn’t seem to have many actual or consistent policies, other than tweeting.

Because his pick for senior strategist and consultant to the president has been associated with white supremacy and woman-hating.

Because American children, and parents, deserve better than a billionaire Secretary of Education, with nary a teaching credential, who has a long history of pushing her personal and religious agenda by undermining public schools.

Because gay conversion therapy is not a real thing, no matter how much a billionaire, with nary a teaching credential, who has a long history of pushing her personal and religious agenda by undermining public schools wants it to be.

Because The Secretary of Health and Human Services should not be an unethical zealot who thinks doctors are gods and eschews evidence based medicine. (And because every time I look at him I see the warden from The Shawshank Redemption.)

Because it seems obvious that the leader of the Environmental Protection Agency should not be someone who has previously sued the Environmental Protection Agency, and denies climate change.

Because I don’t see a useful or qualifying connection between neurosurgery and Housing and Urban Development.

Because the possibility of impeaching Donald Trump and getting Mike Pence is not comforting.

Because when people (yes, including Hillary Clinton and President Obama) suggest I/we should give Donald Trump and his administration a chance, all I can think is, You’re kidding, right?

Because even when I can or must “get along” with someone who supports Trump, I can never really take them seriously again.

Because I’m done trying to talk to Trump supporters when all they do—all they really can do—is attempt to justify the unjustifiable, and I am fine with them being done trying to talk to me.

Because I’ve lost friends over this, and will lose more.

Because I need an outlet for my rage.

Because I don’t think I own the market on rage, use it as an excuse to vote for someone like Donald Trump, then expect everyone to just get over it.

Because I’m not a fucking hypocrite.

Because I will never be DUPED into thinking Donald Trump or his administration gives a shit about me, or anything else except money and ego.

Because I own a fucking library card, and I use it to educate myself.

Because I love social programs and institutions, like libraries.

Because, as The Rude Pundit wrote, if I have to suffer under others’ stupid, they have to hear my smart.

Because I’ve felt totally, shockingly, de-railed since November 9, and cannot do nothing, and will not going quietly into that night.

Because I’m so glad I’m not alone.

Because when people tell me (over and over) that I can’t do anything about any of this, I can say, Well, I can fucking march.

Because I want my kids to know their mother is a marcher.

Because maybe nothing will change just because I march, but maybe something will if 66 million of us do.

I march because Donald Trump becoming President of the United States is an act of war on human decency and American democracy, and I, along with every other decent American, have been fucking drafted, and it’s too fucking cold in Canada.

I march because none of this is right and none of it is okay, and it can be as simple as that.

I march because I will be the change I want to see in the world.