January 29, 2017

Language matters.

It’s not pro-life, it’s anti-abortion.
It’s not patriotism, it’s animosity.
It’s not family values, it’s narrow-minded snobbery.
It’s not homophobia, it’s hatefulness and discrimination.
It’s not wanting change, it’s the inability to manage progress.
It’s not saying all lives matter, it’s making sure no one says black lives matter too.
It’s not about expecting personal responsibility, it’s about being self-centered and feeling superior.
It’s not being conservative, it’s being stingy and digging in heels.
It’s not debating basic issues, it’s knowing what’s right is right and what’s not right is not right.
It’s not about making America great, it’s about being entitled and petulant, and largely, hugely ignorant and small and mean.

Language matters. We need to do away with their euphemisms and take back what’s ours. WE are pro-choice AND pro-life. WE are patriotic. WE have family values, and value families, all of them. WE are human decency and love. WE make America great.

We need to remember and keep reminding each other: Hillary won. We won. Love won. What’s right is right. What’s not right is not right.

Love wins. Spread love.