April 1, 2017


This article is long, and pretty complex. I will have to read it a few more times to really get it all. But it speaks to the furious, frenetic pace and insanity of the last four months, and it is BRILLIANT FREAKING WRITING, the kind that makes me sad that I’ll never be capable of, but happy that it exists in the world.

“The building is shaking, and as fans howl his name – Trump! Trump! Trump! – he looks pleased and satisfied, like a Roman emperor who has just moved his bowels.”

“Is this a scheme to destroy government, or cluelessness? “It’s just so hard to tell,” he says, “where this falls on the stupid-to-evil spectrum.”


Also? Very early after the election, I added Borderline Personality Disorder to the list of mental illnesses of this man, then backed off when others rejected it and it seemed that Narcissistic Personality Disorder covered it.

I’m now returning to include BPD. If you’ve ever worked in mental health, BPD often feels like Crazy + Charisma. These people are whacked down to their poor, tortured cells, and suck you dry, yet you go home thinking, “but I really kind of like them.” Then you have to drink like four drinks to shed the cray-cray and come back down to normal. It’s draining, confusing, infuriating, and sad. And you really don’t know how to describe it, you’re just “in it.”

How others buy into t-rump’s “charisma” is beyond me (VOMIT!!!). But that world-tilting, mind-altering feeling of crazy and befuddled exhilaration when you’re around someone like that? That’s Borderline Personality Disorder.

It’s not up to me to diagnose him anyway. But I will say this: t-rump gives a bad name to mental illness. The VAST majority of people who struggle with mental illness are not mean or destructive or greedy or ignorant or despicable the way he is. They have a neurological disorder the way someone with Parkinson’s or epilepsy does, and they’re just trying to get through, not destroy others in their path. We must remember that and treat people with mental illness kindly, for they valiantly battle true, cruel, chronic torment. We must just as valiantly, and compassionately, distinguish between mental illness and the mental illness of t-rump that co-exists with greed, ego, moral vacuity, and corruption.

But I digress.

#RESIST #WriteLikeAMotherFucker