April 8, 2017


I usually love a good summary by a reliable, knowledgeable source, but this makes me feel depressed, clueless, helpless, and hopeless. So, now that I’m on the subject I could barely even talk about for two days, I don’t claim to know the answers to this mess (not that anyone’s asking me, certainly). What I know is that t-rump is untrustworthy, and completely and utterly inept, and that is AT BEST. What I know is that he is a man-baby narcissist who LAUNCHED FUCKING MISSILES 11 weeks into his incompetent, chaotic presidency, without congress, while he is being investigated for treasonous acts with a dictator directly involved in the situation, while my morning radio show talked the next day about the traffic snares on 95 and what was on the Mar-a-Lago dinner menu with the Chinese president the night before while he did it. WHAT. THE FUCK. So do I think this is in any way a suddenly humanitarian response from someone who would just as soon spit on refugee children rather than offer them safety? Fuck no. And I can’t believe ANYONE thinks that what this was. Wake up, America. This was a distraction move from someone with an anemic approval rating who is in DEEP SHIT and desperate, just like he accused President Obama, who is nothing if not thoughtful, of. We want transparency? It doesn’t get much more transparent than this. He is pathetic, and anyone who buys into one word from him is a dupe and/or inexcusably immoral, and quite frankly, complicit. THIS is why I could not go to work Friday, and face t-rump supporting patients (First, do no harm, even though I never took that oath), and instead went to the public hearing of the Florida Constitution Revision Committee. I went to stand up for democracy, and I went to cope. I know how to keep myself strong, and I will fight to protect my country from this greedy, unhinged, ego-maniacal puppet. Unless and until my son gets drafted into a war he starts, because then my family and I will be gone.