May 9, 2017

Book : The Nasty Women Project

This reading was nothing short of fabulous. I cried (a lot), I laughed (a lot), I was moved and inspired, as a writer, as a fertility warrior, as a fierce mama, as an activist, as a woman, as a human.

Thank you, Susan Stutz for your incredible courage sharing your story, Paula Albright, for sharing your twin sister and your heart, Pat Williams for organizing, Ground Floor Farm for being there, Melissa Archer and Planned Parenthood for all you do and mean to so many.

Thank you, Kathy Tomasko for the arm rub reach-out tonight, and for being my dear friend and partner in fighting (government) crime, and Sue Fox for the arm rub reach-out, for sharing your whip-smart knowledge with a rookie, and for the beer! Thank you, Patrick Stutz for the awesome baseball talk- looking forward to catching a game together in Jupiter!

And always, thank you Ellyn Stevenson for being the leader who brought so many of us together, giving us hope, and changing our lives.

All proceeds of The Nasty Women Project got to Planned Parenthood

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#RESIST #ThisIsWhatTheResistanceLooksLike