May 19, 2017

Wow, what a difference a year makes. If you’d have told me last year I’d be in meetings at the Capitol all day to urge legislators to permanently extend IVF treatment for veterans (currently for two years), I would have believed you, bc I knew I wanted to attend Resolve’s Advocacy Day. BUT. If you’d have told me that I would also be meeting with veteran Congressman Brian Mast on the same day a front page article was published in which we essentially traded barbs about the focused resistance to him and his wretched president, trump, I don’t know if I would have laughed or cried, but I definitely would have said you were insane. Of course, these days insane is the new black.

My first Advocacy Day was everything I expected and more. I am so grateful to so many of you who helped make it an experience will never, ever forget.

Thank you, Marie Cardenas for opening your beautiful home to me, and inspiring me over margaritas. You are awesome.

Thank you, Julie Hodge, my Florida sista, for leading the way, both in the meetings and around the buildings. I would have been hopelessly lost without you. Thank you, Kelly Garrity, you are the sweetest and a pro.

Thank you, Risa A Levine, pro, inspiration, mentor, friend. How I respect, admire, and adore you.

What a thrill to meet Barb Collura, Betsy Campbell, Simmy Bookal, and Angela Bergmann at last, true thanks for ALL of the simply incredible work you do. Candace Wohl, Lisa Rosenthal, Rebecca Flick, Christine Libonati, and the rest of the team, too. Total rock stars.

Annie Kuo, you are awesome, and a blast to boot, how much fun did we have at dinner! Andrena Nadine King, Sue Ann Brabson Johnston (and Bob), Renee Waggener, it was so special and so much fun to meet you, and Sue, I’m so looking forward to connecting as writers.

Susann Miller Edwards, your speech took my breath away and inspired me anew, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Congressman Tim Walz was nothing short of fabulous, and gave me hope that there are more like him up there. (Like in the congressperson-only elevator I erroneously got on the one time I ventured away from Julie. I just pointed to Mr. Walz and blurted, “I’m with him! Resolve!” and he embraced me. ?? )

Finally, I would just like to say that during breakfast, Dr. Maria Bustillo approached our table. She was the doctor who did my very first retrieval 12 years ago and trained my subsequent doctor, Dr. Gene Manko. I wasn’t expecting to see here there, and I burst into tears, shocking both of us (she was gracious enough to pretend she remembered me). Twelve years, and I had that visceral reaction. These are the imprints infertility leaves on us, and for so long I felt so alone. There are no words to express how grateful and honored I am to be among each of you now. So much love, and I can’t wait for next year!!

Scrapbook pictures coming soon!