June 3, 2017

The beleaguered, battered, run-by-a-greedy-bastard, Miami Marlins somehow never give up on themselves, each other, or the game. Tonight, pitcher Edinson Volquez, who lost his father during the 2015 World Series, and his brother and a friend/KC Royals teammate during this past off-season, limped his way through 9 innings to a 98 pitch no-hitter after an ankle injury in the first. This is what a champion looks like.

No no-hitter is a solo endeavor. Catcher J.T. Realmuto called a nearly perfect game; Edinson didn’t shake him off once. The defense was there–shout out, Dee Gordon–and so was technology in a fourth inning overturned missed call. This is what Stronger Together and science look like.

I love you, Baseball. I needed you today, and you never let me down.

#ResistWithPeanutsAndCrackerJacks #GoFish