June 20, 2017

I cannot love this article enough. I started as an advocate with RESOLVE, but the Trump atrocity made me a full-on activist. This is ME. And this is so many cherished new friends. If I am now a cliche, I’ve never been so glad and proud to be one.“I tell people that I am fresh out of fucks,” says Tamara Brooking. “Seriously. I’m done. I’m done pretending that your hateful rhetoric is okay. I’m done pretending that people like us must be quiet to make you feel comfortable.”

And many simply can’t see ever returning to how life was before November 8. “I can never go back,” said Burnham. “I look at where I was even three or four months ago and I’m not the same person.” As Tamara Brookings put it: “We’re activists now. This is who we are.”