Author: Laurie Prim

What do we really want—and NEED—in our local candidates?

April 18, 2017 When someone asked me after the first two Martin County Women’s Democrats meetings I attended if I would consider becoming the club President, my first thought was, “Oh shit, we’re in even worse shape than I thought.” That was in February, and since then I’ve heard I “should run for something” more times than Brian Mast has said, “Behind closed doors.” Whenever it happens, these are my thoughts, pretty much in order: Ew. No thank you. Run for what? I’m not qualified for anything. Kirsten Gillibrand: “It doesn’t matter if you haven’t worked your way up. The guys run every time. I can’t tell you how many 30-year-old dudes believe they should be senator or president. Women, we’re like, ‘Well, maybe after ten years of working…’ No. Just run for the office you want to run for and run on the issue you want to fix.” Hmm, good point, and I could use a new job. (I work in healthcare; nuff said.) Still, thank you, that’s flattering—I think—but no thank you. I have little kids. Not that moms can’t do it—we CAN and DO—it’s just not for me. I cry, like, five times a meeting. And curse a lot. And ew. I get it. We want women to run. We need women to run, and win. I’m not only a woman, but I’m young-ish, relatively well-informed...

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IndivisibleMartin Tax Day Rally: Show Us Your Taxes, t-Rump!

April 15, 2017 Great Tax Day Rally in Martin County!! Great turn out despite our Rep Brian Mast–who is shamefully not demanding t-rump’s tax returns– “conveniently” scheduling a town hall at the same time in Loxafuckinghatchee. We’ll remember it at his farewell rally when we swing Martin blue and vote him out in 2018! T-rump show your taxes, and Congress, do your job and demand it! In the meantime, THIS is what real patriotism and the right side of history looks like!! #RESIST #Indivisible #IndivisibleMartin...

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Library Display for National Infertility Awareness Week 2017: A Work in Progress

April 11, 2017 Last Thursday, I asked #MCLS (my beloved Martin County Library System) if they would consider a display for National Infertility Awareness Week, and Monday I walked in to this. I was so happy I burst into tears. Here’s a thing. Several of these items are NOT what I would pick for this display, and in fact, would be tough for people struggling to have a baby (a Pregnancy Encyclopedia with the longed-for belly figuring prominently; Disney’s Baby and Child Care- just ugh; A Few Good Eggs has always annoyed me with its flippant tone). Also, they used one of RESOLVE’s NIAW Listen Up! logos, which is awesome, but the statement “Many women who had trouble trying to conceive were able to get pregnant years later,” though well-intentioned, is not comforting, and off the mark in several important ways (infertility is much more complex than that, and is not just about women). But here’s another thing. Last Thursday, I also called the two main OB/GYN offices in town regarding NIAW and offered to speak to providers and provide resources for their patients struggling to build a family, and I have not heard back from them. (The first question one of them asked me when I called was what my birthday was, and I had to repeat that I am not a patient there.) These are offices who...

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