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What I’m Reading Now (29): A Man Called Ove

June 18, 2017 Just Finished: A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Bachman This is a story about a grief-stricken, unapologetic curmudgeon and the community that embraces him anyway. Based on the runaway rave reviews it has received, I thought I’d like it more than I did—it felt a bit wordy and cliché at first—but I did end up settling into what has been described as its charm, and will definitely seek another title from this author. One takeaway: I’m a fan of calling shit shit and not painting a rosy picture of everything; I find the societal tyranny of positivity exhausting and inauthentic. And I think we’re all wired a certain way and essentially should be true to ourselves. On the flip side, I don’t think people get a free pass on making everyone around them miserable, even under the guise of “but he’s really got a big heart,” as with Ove. Everyone’s got some sort of shit. Everyone carries pain. There’s real value in acknowledging and sharing it, but a lifestyle of being petty and cross in everyday minutia is ultimately just self-indulgent and rude. At some point, there is a personal responsibility to figure out ways to deal, or get some therapy. Ove found true love with his devoted, effervescent wife Sonja, and he got lucky his new neighbor, Parvaneh, took to him for no good reason....

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Empowered Women Empower Women. Feeling Grateful.

June 7, 2017   I am not one to give any kind of credit to shit. Shit is shit. And the entire campaign, election, and everything since has been pure shit. But there is no denying that between RESOLVE and the RESISTANCE, I have more SHEros now than I’ve ever had in my life, and I am beyond grateful. #RESIST #Indivisible #IndivisibleMartin #RESOLVE #BeatInfertility #PlannedParenthood...

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How Baseball Inspired Me Today: EdinsonVolquez No-Hitter

June 3, 2017 The beleaguered, battered, run-by-a-greedy-bastard, Miami Marlins somehow never give up on themselves, each other, or the game. Tonight, pitcher Edinson Volquez, who lost his father during the 2015 World Series, and his brother and a friend/KC Royals teammate during this past off-season, limped his way through 9 innings to a 98 pitch no-hitter after an ankle injury in the first. This is what a champion looks like. No no-hitter is a solo endeavor. Catcher J.T. Realmuto called a nearly perfect game; Edinson didn’t shake him off once. The defense was there–shout out, Dee Gordon–and so was technology in a fourth inning overturned missed call. This is what Stronger Together and science look like. I love you, Baseball. I needed you today, and you never let me down. #ResistWithPeanutsAndCrackerJacks...

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Like It or Not, Trump Lies Like a Motherfucker

June 3, 2017 I love this sign, which I made for the Treasure Coast Truth March, and think is both meaningful and hilarious. So did most people who saw it, but I got some backlash too, that it was offensive, or that it was not a good and/or appropriate message to help our cause in the resistance. I can respect that from experienced, active people in closed groups with reasonable guidelines, even if I disagree. But who are the people who showed up out of nowhere, and where is their engagement with everything else I post, share, and do? Hashtag wrong battle. Listen. Cursing is not some nasty habit I can’t shake. It’s part of who I am. I am also a writer with a robust vocabulary, and I choose my words carefully most of the time. This was not a legislative meeting, or a town hall, or a letter to the editor, or an interview. It was a protest, a Truth March, and this is not only A truth, it is MY truth. So thanks for not judging. I’d love for people to stick around my page, but would rather they find a better fit somewhere else if cursing offends them, because the resistance needs everyone.  Also? We are in desperate times, people. Get real. #RESIST #WriteLikeAMotherFucker #ItsAnActualThing...

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