Author: Laurie Prim

When Your Congressman Believes Women Can Access Reproductive Healthcare At a Gas Station

September 1, 2017 I submitted this as an LTE, but I can’t wait. This has been gnawing at me all week. He sickens me, and is doing his Master Trump and Tea Party proud. #RESIST #BigMASTake #MastIsPast2018 #NotMyCongressman #FuckYouYouFuckingFuck During Congressman Brian Mast’s town hall meeting at the Grace Place in Stuart on August 24th several questions were raised regarding Planned Parenthood and reproductive healthcare for women. Mr. Mast enthusiastically supports shutting Planned Parenthood down and believes that women can be equally well served by community health centers. We cannot. The health centers don’t have the functional capacity to serve an additional 29,000 patients—men and women—who receive care at our local Planned Parenthood. Where will the additional funding to support the influx of patients come from? Neither Mr. Mast, nor the community health employee he had speak at the meeting, were able to answer. Most concerning is Mr. Mast’s belief that it is up to anyone except a woman to decide on her own healthcare and/or contraception. I was aghast at his statement that, “Everyone has access to birth control at a gas station.” It is outrageous and unacceptable to assert that any woman should rely on a male-dependent method of birth control shelved between cigarette cartons and lottery tickets rather than have access to reproductive healthcare with a physician. Mr. Mast also stated that he and his wife would happily take...

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LTE: School Board’s silence on destructive school funding bill unconscionable

August 26, 2017 School Board’s silence on destructive school funding bill unconscionable Treasure CoastPublished 4:00 a.m. ET Aug. 25, 2017 Buy Photo (Photo: TREASURE COAST NEWSPAPERS)  On July 18, I attended the monthly Martin County School Board meeting to raise my concerns regarding HB 7069, which is devastating to Florida’s public school funding. I inquired specifically about the board’s intent to join Broward County in a lawsuit against the state regarding the bill. I was told the board was awaiting further information from the state, and it would be following up. On Aug. 15 I again attended the monthly meeting and inquired about what progress has been made. I was told there has been none: “We have not discussed it.” So far, seven Florida districts have joined the lawsuit, including St. Lucie and Palm Beach, and 10 more are voting on it, yet Martin County has not even discussed it. One board member — one — responded that the board would now discuss it, and the rest sat in silence. What kind of message does this send? One of irresponsibility, and complete disrespect toward our schools, our children, and all parents and taxpayers. The manner in which HB 7069 was rammed through, despite 45,000 points of contact from parents, teachers, and taxpayers opposing it, was unconscionable. The School Board’s response is disgraceful. Its silence says plenty. Where is the...

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Mar-a-Lago March Against Hate: Today, I AM The Resistance

August 20, 2017 I’ve managed to avoid Mar-a-fucking-Lago for 9 months. Sure, the mere sickening thought of being that close to that POS’s “place” is reason enough, but my other reason is fear. MAL (perfect acronym) feels like a visible, symbolic place for some crazy(ies) to go and do something crazy. So far I’ve been able to support the awesome Palm Beach folks who have tirelessly shown up there while resisting close to home myself. No more. This past week damn near leveled me, and it’s been 9 months of near-leveling. Nazis? I saw most of Trump’s despicable shit coming. I saw Russia coming. I did not see Nazis coming, not this fast and furious anyway. So today I will go to MAL and march against hate, and march for love and unity and action and peace. Today I will march to say, Not on our watch, motherfuckers. I’m so scared. I’ve felt like an elephant is sitting on my chest for 3 days now as I’ve played a small part in helping coordinate this. I’ve put all of my coping mechanisms into high gear. I’m in a constant state of self-talk. I’ve given myself permission not to go, then reneged it. I have to go, and I want to go, even though I so don’t want to go. Police will be there today, and they are supportive of...

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Time Is Up. Pick Your Side of History.

August 15, 2017 People. Come on, let’s bring it in. For months, it’s been, “We can’t compare him to Hitler,” and it’s been true. It has not been right to compare him- Trump, obv- to essentially the most evil person to ever walk the earth, nor to compare our political climate to the Holocaust. I realize today that it will never be true to compare him to Hitler for two reasons. One, Hitler wanted a race of people dead and extinct because he thought they were inferior. I don’t think Trump is interested in actively killing a whole race(s), he only cares about himself and money and power and ego, and doesn’t care if people happen to die as collateral damage. The second, and more important, reason he will never be Hitler is because WE, the people, will not allow it. There were heroes who resisted Hitler, but by definition of times and technology, they did not have the capacity to organize and rise up in time and in unity the way we do.   So, Hitler? No. HOWEVER. No one can any longer say that this fucking bastard is not an authoritarian, or is not actively beholden to and supportive of both a foreign enemy and domestic white supremacist Nazi terrorists. So while he may not BE Hitler, and it may still be disrespectful to anyone who suffered...

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