August 3, 2015

I’ve recently discovered Jane Friedman, a very prolific expert in all things publishing in the digital age. Her website and blog are a wealth of relevant, reliable information, and I recently took a couple of her online classes, also great. Besides her expertise, she is just so likable; I can’t recommend her enough to any writer, especially ones just getting going like me. (Thank you, author Allison Winn Scotch, whose blog introduced me to Jane.)

In this vein, I offer Jane’s rant about people who tend to bash social media (ahem, that would include me; see my last post). She offers some valid arguments to the very criticisms that I blogged about. Read her rant here.

I still think social media is a huge time sucker. Even if you simplify, are disciplined and using it for good, by definition using it and managing it takes time. But there’s no question it can and does have great benefits, and Jane is right that we should consider ourselves responsible enough to balance it with everything else we fit into our days. I find this trade-off is true of pretty much all technology and am trying to be more accepting of it.