January 10, 2016

Still reading a few other books, but couldn’t wait to get an early Valentine’s Day treat, Dare Me by Debra Druzy.



Dare Me is Debra Druzy’s second book, and I had just as much fun reading it as her first one, Sleeping With Santa. In Dare Me, Misty Morningside and Adam Wright—elementary school crushes—haven’t seen each other in years when they end up working the same wedding, Adam the photographer and Misty the wedding stylist. Sparks fly as though a day has never passed for either of them, but it would be too daring for professionals to act on sparks…wouldn’t it?


There’s a luxurious hotel, there’s champagne, there are sexy poses to be struck. And that’s before the Surprise Fantasy Package from Violet’s Valise arrives. Adam and Misty aren’t school kids anymore, and this is no crush. This time they make it a Valentine’s Day to remember.


Everyone remembers their first crush. What would it be like to re-connect as adults? For Adam and Misty it feels a bit wrong. And all right.


I love the holiday themes of Debbie Druzy’s books. Sleeping With Santa, a full length, fiery novel (I mean, Nick was a firefighter after all) holds all the magic of Christmas. Dare Me, has a lot of the same flame but, a shorter Candy Hearts Romance Series book, also feels like a sweet treat, perfect for Valentine’s Day or anytime you want to pop a little romance!