December 15, 2016

For sake of time and ease, I am sharing my email to my daughter’s preschool class here for any other local peeps interested. I hope you will join me! (And I didn’t send them the picture, that’s just for you. 😉 )

Hi Hippo Families,

I have spoken with a couple of you about this info, wanted to send it along to anyone interested. Anyone not interested, please just delete.

For anyone who, like me, is devastated and disgusted by the election and everything surrounding it, I have become involved in a couple of things I would love (love, I tell you!) for you to join me in.

There is a West Palm Beach “March on Washington” on January 21st, which is a local event of the big march in Washington that day. It’s on Flagler, and I plan to carpool if anyone is interested. Here is a Facebook link for more info.

Whatever changes need to happen within the Democratic party, I still think it is one of the most reasonable place to start to be a voice and fight against this madness.
I am attending an informational meeting of the Martin County Democrats this Saturday, Dec. 17th at 4pm, as well as the January Women’s meeting of the same group on Sat, January 14th at 10am and the general meeting on Monday, January 16th at 7pm. The meetings are held at The Martin County Democrats Headquarters at 948B Central Parkway, Stuart- US1 and Central Parkway by Molly Maids, behind Tijuana Flats and Jupiter Donuts on second floor. Phone number is 772-221-0405. Here is a link to that group, though so far I have found word of mouth and personal phone calls/texts/emails more useful in contacting and getting info. and I’d be happy to be a contact if you would like more info. Huge, ginormous thanks to Wendy for hooking me up with Debbie Robinson of this group.

I think this article from NY Congressman Jerry Nadler is an informative, plain-language article regarding governmental process and CLEAR, CONCRETE things we can do. I hope you’ll read and share it. Warning, it’s also pretty depressing, but it’s all the more reason we need to fight.…/how-we-resist-trump-and-his-ex…

Most of all, I hope you’ll join me in not becoming complacent and letting everything that is wrong with Donald Trump and his incoming administration (still holding out for a miracle) become normalized. (I think by now I don’t have to list it all anymore, and I’m not looking for debate with anyone, this is directed solely at others who are of like mind and want to move forward from here.) This is not, and cannot become, the normal world in which we live and are raising our kids.

Let’s remember that WE are the majority, WE won, even though we lost. WE need to have and be a voice.

I have never considered myself political or an activist, though I have been an advocate for infertility and reproductive rights. This is way out of my comfort zone, and like the rest of us, I’m already busy, and feel like a hamster on a wheel trying to squeeze 30 hours into every 24. But this is too important, and we need to somehow fit one more thing onto our To-Do lists, even if it’s just one phone call a day, or texting or facebooking each other with support, or donating 10 bucks here or there, or whatever. And I’ll be honest, most of all, I don’t want to feel alone, which feels depressing and demoralizing. I want to surround myself with others who still believe we are stronger together, which feels hopeful and empowering. I also highly value humor, beer (or wine, if that’s your poison), and snacks!

Thank you for reading this—and please Share anywhere!—and I look forward to connecting with anyone interested in any of this, or other things we can do as they come up.