January 24, 2017

More brightness from Saturday: So many women came up to me at the West Palm Beach march (it was actually a rally- 7,000 strong!) about my Resolve sign that my friend said, “Jeez, you’re a rock start today!” I said, “No rock star. 1 in 8 couples. And yet we hide. We feel alone. Not today.” One woman said, “I love Resolve!” Another said, “I don’t know what I’d do without Resolve.” One pointed to her daughter with tears in her eyes and said, “My miracle.” One bit her nails and said, “We’re about to do our first IUI.” High fives and hugs and knowing looks and success stories and support and hope and love.
No one wants to be part of the infertility community. But I’m so proud of us, and ready to keep marching and talking.
#ResistanceIsFertile #Resolve #BeatInfertility#Writemarchtalklikeamotherfucker