February 6, 2017

It’s crazy how these things go sometimes. It’s been bothering me a lot the past few days about how the release of The Magic of Memoir (November 15, 2016) got somewhat lost in the shuffle after the election. I’d done a few things I’d planned, like posting and sharing about it, and giving a copy to the collections librarian at my beloved library, MCLS. But then Trump happened, and I got completely de-railed, as I know some of the other authors did. So yesterday, I finally sat down and wrote my review with the intention to post it today and start making time again for The Magic of Memoir and  my other writing.

This morning, I dropped Sadie off at school, went to the library to write, and walked in to this. Eeeeek!!!

It’s not technically “my” book (technical, schmechnical!), and (fittingly!) my first public sighting was in my library, not a bookstore. But the thrill is REAL!

Thank you, Brooke Warner, Linda Joy Myers, She Writes Press, Janette Noe, and Martin County Library System, for helping a dream come true!