February 14, 2017

Dear Mr. Manfred:

I am writing to urge you to oppose any effort by the group including Joshua Kushner to purchase the Miami Marlins.

Respectfully, sir, we Marlins fans have had enough. I don’t need to detail all the ways in which we have suffered under Mr. Loria’s ownership: the dismantling of the 2003 World Series team; the largely non-contending team since; the new stadium that, while beautiful, leaves taxpayers on the hook for billions; the 2012 player fire sale; the lowly pay roll; the essentially stripping of the farm team; the chronically toxic atmosphere (Dan Jennings managing?!). No matter who Mr. Loria sells to, he will make another greedy fortune, and we will bid him good riddance at last.

But a Kushner?

Perhaps it could be argued that it’s not fair to judge a person by his family, but in this case, I believe it is. Baseball is a family sport, its heritage rich in parents sharing it with their children. I can’t pretend to understand all the financial dealings the sale of an MLB entails, but I know that baseball is not only about money. I know integrity. I know dignity. And I know—everyone knows—that those things are lacking in a family with intimate ties to the least dignified, most contentious and suspect presidential administration in the history of our country, as well as a known paternal felony conviction history including tax evasion, illegal campaign contributions, and witness tampering. Is this really what Marlins fans should be expected to endure next?

I will post this as an open letter on social media, and I will get lashed for bringing “politics” into baseball. But this is not “just” politics, just as baseball is not “just a sport.” As you know, for many of us, baseball is a passion, a lifestyle, a coping mechanism, and an inspiration every single day. Our family watches the Marlins on TV every night, we go to games in both Jupiter and Miami, we buy lots of Marlins gear. If this rumored deal goes through, it will be the end of that once and for all. It will break my heart, and the hearts of my kids, but there are 29 other MLB teams we will root for.

Please do not allow the sale of the Marlins to the Joshua Kushner group. The Marlins deserve better. Baseball deserves better. We deserve better.

Thank you for your consideration, and for your love and all you do for the great game of baseball.

Very truly yours,

Laurie Prim and Family