February 27, 2017

Infertility/Pregnancy Loss Sisters, anyone and everyone: Let’s be heard! Send me your pictures and stories to bring to DC!

I am going to RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day in Washington DC May 18th. I really wanted to go last year, but couldn’t due to family weddings, so I’m really excited for this year at last. But, I want to bring you all with me. No can do, obviously, but I am hoping to at least bring some of your stories. Personal stories are POWERFUL. In addition to talking to a member of congress about what we go through when we battle infertility and pregnancy loss, and why we deserve fair healthcare coverage, I would like to make a scrapbook to help SHOW them our stories, and anything and everything goes. Pictures of OPTs, BFNs, pill bottles, needles, vials, bruises, swollen bellies and feet, u/s pictures– during cycles, during pregnancies, during miscarriages, during amnios– retrieval day pics, transfer day pics, pics of candles we’ve lit, touchstones we keep with us to stay sane, pictures of hope boxes or mementos. Copies of medical bills, receipts, EOBs, insurance denials, treatment plans and schedules, follicle counts, lab work, prescriptions, marriage counseling bills or business cards of counselors, doctors, clinics. Send absolutely anything you want to write, the name of your angel on a post-it note, a list of holidays and/or family functions that you’ve missed or were/are ruined for you bc of IF, statements of what you would say to a member of congress if you were there, blog posts, journal entries, lists of stupid things people say, comments about how great or awful your experience with doctors have been or how/what you would like to see addressed or changed. And yes, pictures of rainbow babies, pictures of the families we fight so hard for. You get the gist- anything and everything you want to share to help round out the picture of what we go through and why we deserve better. Infertility and pregnancy loss are life crises, and the reproductive system should not be discriminated against in healthcare.

Send To:
Laurie Prim, Treasure Coast Resolve
P.O. Box 44
Port Salerno, FL 34992

Sooner is better. Deadline May 12, 2017. May 14th is Mother’s Day. Let’s show them what that feels like for us. ? We deserve equal rights and coverage when building our families.

Let me know if you have any questions. <3
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