April 11, 2017

Last Thursday, I asked #MCLS (my beloved Martin County Library System) if they would consider a display for National Infertility Awareness Week, and Monday I walked in to this. I was so happy I burst into tears.

Here’s a thing. Several of these items are NOT what I would pick for this display, and in fact, would be tough for people struggling to have a baby (a Pregnancy Encyclopedia with the longed-for belly figuring prominently; Disney’s Baby and Child Care- just ugh; A Few Good Eggs has always annoyed me with its flippant tone). Also, they used one of RESOLVE’s NIAW Listen Up! logos, which is awesome, but the statement “Many women who had trouble trying to conceive were able to get pregnant years later,” though well-intentioned, is not comforting, and off the mark in several important ways (infertility is much more complex than that, and is not just about women).

But here’s another thing. Last Thursday, I also called the two main OB/GYN offices in town regarding NIAW and offered to speak to providers and provide resources for their patients struggling to build a family, and I have not heard back from them. (The first question one of them asked me when I called was what my birthday was, and I had to repeat that I am not a patient there.) These are offices who so mishandled my calls during my own struggle with pregnancy and miscarriages that I sought treatment out of town. These are the offices that I have been showing up at every single month for 16 months with cards, flyers, letters, and faxes about the Infertility and Pregnancy Loss Support Group I started for the very reason that there was NOTHING available locally when I needed it, and have shown essentially no response other than to allow me to keep showing up with my stuff.

So here’s THE thing. The library display may not be perfect, and as painful as it may be, infertility is going to be out there right next to pregnancy sometimes, just the way cancer materials might end up next to a book about a champion biker. BUT THE LIBRARY PUT THE CONVERSATION OUT THERE. WHERE ARE THE FUCKING OB/GYN OFFICES? They are among those who most need to Listen Up!

UPDATE, April 13: Improvement, including Adoption titles.

UPDATE: April 17: I removed and checked out the remaining pregnancy/baby books. 


Still have not heard from the OB/GYN offices.