April 26, 2017

Once there was a girl who was a tomboy, except she loved to play with dolls, and always wanted to be a mom. She waited a long time for that dream, and planned it all rather perfectly—loving husband, sweet home, promising career, and, now a woman, was blissfully pregnant at last. Then there was loss after loss and that woman became a different one, as happens. Still, she persevered; if her dream was going to kill her, well then, that’s how she’d die.

She made it. Twice.

Recovery from her ordeal was, and remains, its own challenge, but once she was a mom, she knew she could conquer the world, and that meant helping other wounded women who wanted to be moms too. That part was not planned out very well. It was more a leap of faith, a Facebook account, and an email to RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. She started a support group, and at the very first meeting met a woman who had always wanted to be a mom. She had planned it all rather perfectly, then there was loss after loss. Still, she persevered; after all, she could see there was hope.

This morning, seventeen months after their first meeting, the second woman sent a picture of her newborn baby girl on her naked chest, and the first woman cried and cried. She knew she could end her reproductive support and advocacy today, and it would be enough. She also knew she wouldn’t.

Congratulations, my amazing, dear friend. You’ve done it, mama. And welcome to the world, baby girl. <3

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