April 19, 2017

Chapter 9: Be kind to our language.

“Avoid pronouncing the phrases everyone else does…
Everything happens fast, but nothing ever happens. Each story on televised news is “breaking” until it is displaced by the next one. So we are hit by wave upon wave but never see the ocean.”

This has been driving me insane. Breaking: Russia involvement. Nothing. Breaking: Flynn resigns. Nothing. Breaking: Rachel has tax returns. Nothing. Breaking: Flynn asks for immunity. Nothing. Breaking: Wiretapping accusations. Nothing. Breaking: Missiles in Syria. Nothing. Breaking: Spicer says Hitler never gassed anyone. Nothing. Breaking: Bomb dropped in Afghanistan. Nothing. Breaking: While eating cake. Nothing. We’re pissing off North Korea. Nothing.

And here we are. Same shit, same calls, different day. For 3 months.

I know we are doing what we can, and that our resistance is making a difference. But enough with the “Breaking.” Time to face it–the insanity of t-rump is effectively normalized. No matter how mindbogglingly low they continue to drop the bar, nothing is shocking anymore, and nothing really comes of anything after a few days of headlines. “Breaking” means nothing now (and I’m sure it hasn’t for a while), and yet it’s always there: More, More, More! I wish the media would just stop already (I know, fat chance). I don’t even want to hear/see “Breaking” for an impeachment. Big deal; impeachment is not removal. The only thing I want to see is BREAKING: DONALD TRUMP IS GONE, AND HE’S TAKEN ALL THE REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS WITH HIM.

I don’t even care what the subtitle is.

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#OnTyranny #TimothySnyder