June 22, 2017

Dear Mr. Brian Mast:

Thank you for your response regarding my “upcoming” trip to Washington, D.C., which was A MONTH AGO.

Surely you remember. I had an appointment with you on May 17th, on behalf of RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association to discuss important upcoming legislation, including permanently securing IVF for wounded veterans. Instead of honoring our scheduled meeting, you sent two of your staff members to speak with my colleague and me in the hallway. They were very young, and lovely, and I wanted to encourage them to run from the wrong side of history, but held my tongue out of respect for RESOLVE.

Later that day, and the next day, I again visited your office, as an individual constituent of District 18 and member of IndivisibleMartin. Again, I was turned away without a meeting. I was instructed to email Caitlyn, which I did, with no response. I was asked for my phone number, and was never called. I essentially pleaded for “two minutes, any time this afternoon or tomorrow,” but could not be accommodated. You did, however, manage to meet with two Republican realtors from District 18 that day, who happily posted their photo op with you on Facebook.

It was ironic, wasn’t it, that the Gil Smart opinion piece, “Mast trades barbs with Indivisible foes” featuring quotes from both you and me was the cover story of TC Palm the day I had an appointment to see you in D.C? I mean, I could not have planned that if I tried, right?! Frankly, I was interested to see how our meeting would go given the awkward circumstances (for me, anyway, I imagine it’s commonplace for politicians). How disappointing on so many levels it didn’t come to fruition because you blew me off.

Nevertheless, I persist. Back home, I waved my protest sign as you drove by to attend your Tea Party meeting in Jupiter on May 30th, and was able to address you at the hall meeting in Stuart on June 5th. I’ll continue to attempt discussion with you even as I help campaign against your re-election, and I will be in D.C. again next May. I’d appreciate if your staff would go ahead and re-schedule our meeting for then. No sightseeing tours necessary; I am a patriot, and have visited the beauty and history of D.C. many times since I was a kid.


Laurie Prim