August 11, 2017

Dear Donald,
Your beyond-redemption base is 20% and there’s another 10% of people just that fucking stupid and stubborn enough to still support you. I’ll help you with the math, that leaves 70%. 70% of us who know that we are not getting into a nuclear war with North Korea, that you are just a toxic stew of a stupid, incompetent, mentally ill, malicious, guilty, and tiny, wee, oh so very, very small, shriveled-penised little orange “man,” but who remain appalled and mortified by your antics because WE are Americans, WE are patriots, and our highest office has been stolen and twisted beyond recognition since our dignified, thoughtful, beautiful, black 44th president left the White House, and our strong, brilliant, resilient, rightful 45th woman president left the building to let you to rot in your own despicable, treasonous filth. Know this, Donald. We are not distracted. We see you. We see you every minute, and beyond every pathetic tweet. We are The Resistance, but we are way more than that. We are 70%. We are a full majority. We are The People. This is OUR country. And we are coming for you. Where did you think Robert Mueller came from?

Have a miserable weekend, Mr. Fake.