August 20, 2017

I’ve managed to avoid Mar-a-fucking-Lago for 9 months. Sure, the mere sickening thought of being that close to that POS’s “place” is reason enough, but my other reason is fear. MAL (perfect acronym) feels like a visible, symbolic place for some crazy(ies) to go and do something crazy. So far I’ve been able to support the awesome Palm Beach folks who have tirelessly shown up there while resisting close to home myself.

No more. This past week damn near leveled me, and it’s been 9 months of near-leveling. Nazis? I saw most of Trump’s despicable shit coming. I saw Russia coming. I did not see Nazis coming, not this fast and furious anyway. So today I will go to MAL and march against hate, and march for love and unity and action and peace. Today I will march to say, Not on our watch, motherfuckers.

I’m so scared. I’ve felt like an elephant is sitting on my chest for 3 days now as I’ve played a small part in helping coordinate this. I’ve put all of my coping mechanisms into high gear. I’m in a constant state of self-talk. I’ve given myself permission not to go, then reneged it. I have to go, and I want to go, even though I so don’t want to go.

Police will be there today, and they are supportive of our action, and not being told to “stand down.” Boston yesterday was a brilliant demonstration of how heavily we good out-power those evil. And most of all, I will be with many of my fellow resistor peeps, and together we will stand strong and be safe. I don’t have to go unafraid today; I just have to go.

Because Trump/Mar-a-fucking-Lago, today, I AM the Resistance.

#RESIST #Indivisible #IndivisibleMartin
#Love #Unity #Action #Peace