Reading and Writing

There are a ton of good quality resources out there for readers and writers and I hesitate to list oodles of them here at the risk of being both overwhelming and redundant. You could easily start at Goodreads and Writer’s Digest’s Top 100 Websites For Writers and go from there for an endless supply of great information.  If you twisted my arm for just a couple of my current faves, I’d say:

Jane Friedman– An expert on all things publishing, delivered in a style of kindness, generosity, and good sense.

Brooke Warner Memoir Blog/Warner CoachingThere doesn’t seem to be much Brooke doesn’t do. She’s a writer, editor, writing coach, and publisher. She works a lot with memoir and offers memoir writing classes and workshops. She too has a style of sensibility, kindness, and encouragement. 

She Writes Press– This is the press Brooke Warner co-founded and is publisher of. A hybrid press, it serves as a press and community for women authors, focusing on quality of writing more so than “platform.”  I attended a webinar about it and loved pretty much everything I heard about it.

Writer Unboxed– Articles on the craft of writing, by experienced writers.

Joanna Penn/The Creative PennShe is so prolific, tons of info on writing, publishing, self-publishing, entrepreneurialship.

Tim Grahl– Book Marketing

The Story Grid– Lots of great writing info and tips from Shawn Coyne, a long time editor, and agent. Shawn Coyne and Tim Grahl have also teamed up with a Story Grid podcast.

Jerry Jenkins– The author of the crazy successful Left Behind series offers writing courses and tips that I find concise, kind, practical, and encouraging.

ChickLitChatHQ – for chick lit authors, a fun, supportive group.

Janet Reid– a no bullshit, yet supportive literary agent. Her Chum Bucket query experiment is a special feature you might want to check out.

Kristin Nelson– another literary agent with lots of good info, and notably nice.

Don’t forget your local library!