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Standing With Planned Parenthood and RESOLVE on International Women’s Day/Day Without A Woman 2017

March 8, 2017 Five bad ass women in red (and one man- shout out, Larry Key!) met with Representative Brian Mast’s staffer, Derek Hankerson, at the PSL office today to talk about why we stand with Planned Parenthood, and...

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Resistance is Fertile: I Stand With RESOLVE

January 24, 2017 More brightness from Saturday: So many women came up to me at the West Palm Beach march (it was actually a rally- 7,000 strong!) about my Resolve sign that my friend said, “Jeez, you’re a rock start...

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Why I March

January 20, 2017 Why I March: Because Infertility and Pregnancy Loss Matter. Because Infertility and Pregnancy Loss Rights are Reproductive Rights.   And also, in no particular order:   Because Donald Trump is vile and...

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And Then The Election Happened

November 9, 2016 When I woke up yesterday, my first thought was, I cannot even face this world today, and I texted my mom to see if she could bring my daughter to pre-school. But my mom had a doctor’s appointment, and my only...

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